The history of Gifford’s Ice Cream goes back to an earlier century when our dad, Randall Gifford, first learned the art of ice cream making from his father-in-law Chester Main. Both Randall and his wife Audrey, our mom, grew up in the dairy business in Connecticut, steeped in a tradition of super-rich, old-fashioned ice cream––the kind you could only get in small towns. Naturally, when our parents moved to Maine, to begin operating their own small dairy in Skowhegan, they brought their passion for ice cream right along with them.

Gr'ma Hattie- Audrey Gifford's Grandmother


Getting started

In 1980, we began creating small batches of super-rich ice cream, using original family recipes handed down through the generations. At first, ice cream was just a sideline. However, it became clear that Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream was something special. Made from fresh Maine cream and top-quality ingredients, it had that old-fashioned, super-rich flavor that attracted loyal fans AND industry awards.

In 1983, we made a full-time commitment to ice cream. With a core of six determined employees, it was “all hands on deck” for the extended Gifford’s family. We started gradually in small towns in rural Maine; soon, the Gifford’s name was known throughout the state and beyond. Everyone pitched in then and they still do today.


Making Granddad proud!

Arland Gifford, Roger Gifford, Donna Gifford-Torrey, John Gifford

Today, as well as operating five ice cream stands throughout the great state of Maine (serving over one million cones each summer!), Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream is also offered at grocery stores, independent ice cream stands, and restaurants as far south as Washington, DC.

Thank you for sharing our passion,

Roger and John Gifford

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