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Gifford’s Has a New Look

Put us in front of someone who doesn’t know Gifford’s, give us a spoon and a bowl of World’s Best Chocolate (or any other flavor,) and we’ve got ourselves a lifetime Gifford’s fan. Every time. Between the world’s best ice cream flavor and us going on about the all-natural, quality ingredients and love we put into making it… well, let’s just say it’s a pretty easy sell. But even though there are quite a few family members working here, there aren’t enough of us to enlighten each of the world’s ice cream lovers one-by-one.

And that’s where packaging comes in. Besides holding quarts and half-gallons – real, honest-to-goodness, 64 oz half gallons – of our delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt, the cartons have to catch your eye, tell a story, and do everything but jump right into your cart for you. (We’re still working on that.) Last year, we worked with Bath, Maine based Briggs Advertising to design our new look, including our logo and retail cartons, to say, “Hey, don’t walk by us. This is the best ice cream in the freezer case! Give us a try.”

The natural-look background really let’s the flavor ingredient images pop, and the flavor names span the front of the carton in nice, big – really big – type. And the new logo sports a stylized “G” that serves as a clever reference to the most awesome thing anyone can ever put in a bowl. (Go ahead, guess…) We make great ice cream the old-fashioned way, and we just want the whole world to know.

So now, whether you’re looking for Gifford’s or just browsing the ice cream aisle, you don’t have to look very hard to find us or think very hard to see how good it is. The only hard part is figuring out which flavor to take home with you (and you are allowed to have as many as you want.)

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